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 How to Share Your Data between Subscribers on MTN, Glo and Airtel

We all know how expensive internet access is in Nigeria. Smart devices are the in-thing now, and they simply cannot be used without a generous data plan; Android devices are already known to consume lots of data, this is the main reason why some people constantly look for ways to use Blackberry subscriptions on Android devices – trust Naija people. Well, there is now a way to share your internet subscription with other phone lines on the same network provider. For people who have multiple devices this might prevent the need to subscribe for BIS on your BB and at the same time subscribe for data on your android device as well. You can also share your data with friends and family, e.g. in a case where you don’t do heavy browsing on one of your devices and require a smaller data allowance on that device, you can give some of your data to someone who needs it. Since data is cheaper the larger the data allowance you purchase.
Note: This is quite different from data gifting. Data Gifting service allows you to send a data bundle to your friends and loved ones, by simply paying for the data bundle on behalf of the person

Sharing Data on MTN

  • Subscribe to an MTN data plan of 250MB and above.
  • To register for MTN data share, dial *131*2*1# and send. Alternately, text REG to 131. A security PIN would be sent to you
  • Change the PIN sent to you to a new PIN by dialing*131*2*5#. Alternately, text Change[space]OLD PIN[space]NEW PIN[space]NEW PIN to 131. For example, if the PIN sent to you is 5566 and you’re changing it to 7382, text Change 5566 7382 7382 to 131.
  • After changing the PIN, add the MTN numbers you want to share your data with by dialing *131*2*3# and following the instructions in the menu. Alternately, text Add[space]number you want to share with[space]PIN to 131. You can share your MTN data with up to 5 numbers at a time.
  • Once you have added beneficiaries, you (the sponsor) will be able to share your available data bundle with the MTN numbers you have added by dialing *131*2*4# and following the instructions in the menu. Alternately, send Share[space]PIN to 131 and follow the instructions in the menu.

Sharing Data on Glo


Sharing data via SMS and USSD:
  • To add people to share - dial *127*01*friend’s number# or Send "Share[space]friend’s number" to 127
  • To remove people from sharing - dial  *127*01*friend’s number# or Send "Remove[space] friend's number" to 127
  • For a list of people sharing your subscription - dial  *127*00# or Send "List" to 127
Sharing data using Glo's self care portal available at
On Glo HSI only the following data plans can be shared at the moment: Always Max (8GB), Always Min (4GB), Silver (13GB), Gold (20GB) and Platinum (30GB) plans. To share;
  • You have to visit the Glo HSI page using your Glo line/modem
  • Select the ‘share it’ icon
  • Input the Glo number you want to share with in the ‘Add Mobile Number’ box and select the + icon
  • A confirmation message will pop-up. Confirm by selecting the ‘Yes’ icon
  • You and the recipient will get an sms notification stating that the sharing is successful.
  • To delete one of your sharing recipients from the list, simply select the ‘X’ icon next to number you want to delete, and it’s done.

Sharing Data on Airtel

Sharing data on Airtel operates somewhat differently from the others. You can only transfer fixed amounts of data allowance, and a charge of N100 is deducted from your airtime balance for each transfer! You can transfer any of 10MB, 25MB or 60MB. Very airtel-like, I would say..

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