Wednesday, 20 November 2013 | Download Whatsapp For Nokia, Android, Blackberry - Whatsapp is a smartphone messenger available for Nokia, Blackberry, Android phone, and also iPhone. This application allows Nokia phone users ping with their phones.

WhatsApp app utilizes your internet data design to help you stay in touch with family,colleagues, friends.
* Whatsapp Group Chat: Upgraded version 2.6 to enjoy group brief chat with your friends and family.
* Whatsapp MULTIMEDIA: Send pictures, Video, and Voice notes to your family and friends.
When you and your friends install WhatsApp app, you can be able to send message to each other as many times as you like. send thousands of notes a day to your family and friends!
Swap from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive notes and pictures images at no expense.
Download Blackberry Whatsapp, log to
To Download Nokia Whatsapp, proceed to
Download Android Whatsapp, proceed to

You can send notes to friends with non-BlackBerry phone and also exchange images, voice messages, videos. There are not that numerous extra features, genuinely, but the genuine benefit of WhatsApp Messenger is the cash you save from calls and dispatching text.
With this WhatsApp Messenger, and a slight collaboration from your most texted colleagues and friends, you could effortlessly go back to the $5 plan and save $10 a month on your phone bill.

WhatsApp Messenger is not too different from the text app on your iPhone, giving a couple of neat extras that makes it more fun. But if you are the kind that does a lot of texting, this application is a must have for everyone, giving you unlimited sms and sending of picture with other users without having to concern about extra charges.
Download Whatsapp

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