Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Download 2go 3.7.0 Version

A new version of 2go mobile App has been released. The latest 2go version 3.7.0 is been rumored to come with BBM and Whatsapp features. 
I tried it and the App is cool, with the latest 2go version 3.7.0, it notifies you of any new message even when you are offline that's if you enable the feature.

Where Can I Download the Latest 2go?To get the latest 2go mobile chat download for your phone, Click here  using your phone's default mobile browser.
OR CLICK HERE To Download it straight to your phone.  Select your country, then enter your phone number.You will have to enter your PIN if you already have a 2go account. If verified OK, you will be signed into your 2go account. Thereafter, you can start chatting with friends and meet new people.See the screenshots 


How Can I Activate My Facebook to chat on 2go?
You will need your Facebook Username to link your 2go to your Facebook account. You can get a facebook username for your profile at for e.g mine is Once you have yours,  launch your 2go Instant messenger, go to Settings > Gateways > Facebook Gateway. Enter your Facebook username and your Facebook password. If verified OK, you can then start chatting with your Facebook friends while on 2go.
For 2go version 3.7.3 click Here to download - 

 The 2go 3.7 load all your 2go friends even if you have more than 500 2go friends, unlike the old 2go that loads Maximum of 500 friends. see more screen shots

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  1. Its nt workin on asha 202...its showin please check your gprs settings..what 2 do