Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Download Whatsapp on your PC

Whatsapp Arrives to All PCs
Whatsapp… The Hottest App in this moment, now on your desktop PC. Even it could be the best choice to people that still hasn’t a Smartphone.
Whatasapp’s Manual for PC
The Manual will be divided in two parts. The first one will be oriented on YouWave installation. It’s virtual machine that emulates Android’s Environment. And the second one will explain how to install Whatsapp on your Desktop machine.
Important Details:
  • YouWave isn´t compatible with VirtualBox; so, before you install, you’ll need to remove the last one.
  • Whatsapp only allows to be installed in a mobile device. That is why we need to remove it from our smartphone. If we don´t want that, we can use “Fonyou”. “Fonyou is a website that provides a free phone number, which it can be used to install Whatsapp in our PC at the same time into the smartphone.
YouWave Installation
First, we download YouWave. Then you run the Software installation. Once 100% completed, we can login. When you initializes it by first time, it will ask which version we going to use. It recommends choosing “using the trial version”. Then you agree by pressing “ok” button and our Android will be loaded to start using it.
Whatsapp Installation
Now we download Whatsapp. There are two ways to do it:
1.)   We Download It form the official website to the PC and we save it in C:User<Your User>youwaveandroid.apps  Or…
2.)   We open our browser from Android and download it from its website.
When we access the website, we press over “download” button. Then, it’ll ask if we want to install it, and then we press “install” button, when the process finishing, we open it to setup our whatsapp. Once we agree with the terms and conditions, we need to choose the country that our phone company operates and then we’ll insert our mobile phone number. The System will request to check our mobile phone. In this case, we’ll receive a message in our phone, showing us an activation code. As our PC is not a mobile device, we are unable to activate it by SMS, so… we´ll wait just 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, we press the button to receive a call and the activation code by spelling. (It is the same code that we were talking about). Then we insert the code into the inputbox and the system will check it automatically. When it’s done, it´ll ask our Id’s user name and finally we´d finish all Whatsapp setup and start to enjoy.
Well friends, now you already know how to install whatsapp on your PC. I hope that you just start to use this Whatsapp’s version to use… even your PC!

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