Thursday, 21 November 2013

How to Use Airtel BlackBerry Subscription to Browse on Any Device

Few days ago, MTN Nigeria stopped the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) from working on other devices and it is now working only on Blackberry Phones. Although, some are still using it on their Android Phones & Tablets and on PC by making use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) Applications and  Softwares like DroidVPN for Android, PD Proxy for PC, Tunnel Guru for PC and so on. Watch out for our upcoming post on How to use the MTN Blackberry Internet Subscription (BIS) on Android devices via DroidVPN
   Due to the blocked MTN BIS which affected and is still affecting many people in Nigeria, I have decided to share the latest BlackBerry Internet Service trick for Airtel tonight. The Blackberry Internet Service on Airtel Nigeria is still rocking and its very fast, just get a registered Airtel SIM and follow the procedure explained below.

Note: The Airtel BIS subscription and activation process explained below costs #1600 and it gives you a total data of 2GB which you can use for 30 days (depending on usage).

Airtel BlackBerry Subscription / Activation Procedure

  1.  After getting a registered Airtel SIM and inserting it in ANY phone, recharge the total amount of #1600 and check your account balance with *123# to make sure the total balance on the SIM card is up to #1600.
  2. Now, Dial *440*16# and you will get a message that your Airtel unlimited Blackberry service is live. This message confirms that you've been successfully subscribed to the Airtel BlackBerry Service which costs #1500 for 1 month with 2GB data cap.
  3. Now If you check your account balance, you will see that #1500 has been deducted and you have #100 left. The #100 remaining is as important as the #1500 that was deducted because without this #100, you can't browse yet with the 2GB BIS data you just subscribed to.
  4. To make the BIS subscription work, now dial *141*11*1#. This USSD code will subscribe you to the Airtel Daily Data Bundle which costs #100 thereby the remaining #100 in your account balance will be deducted and you will get a You've successfully added the 10MB data bundle message immediately.
  5. Now, check your total data bundle by dialing *123*10# or *141*712*0# and your total number of data will be displayed.
   If you have followed the procedures listed above accordingly then you will see the total number of data you have by using the USSD code in No. 5 above and you will be able to surf the internet, stream YouTube videos, download Apps with your Airtel BIS subscription on ANY device. Just insert the SIM card into your USB Modem, Android Phone, Nokia Phone or ANY other Device and Start surfing the Internet using the normal Airtel settings.

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